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We advise legal entities and natural persons on the matters of bookkeeping. We provide comprehensive accounting advice in accordance with the standards of business accounting, International Financial Reporting Standards and public sector financial reporting standards. Accounting consultations include detailed explanations on all accounting questions, starting with the compilation of original accounting documents to the preparation of financial statements. We advise our clients on the documentation of economic transactions and their rendering in bookkeeping, the choice of accounting methods and techniques, and their practical application in bookkeeping. We provide consultations and assistance in the preparation of accounting policies and accounting-related individual procedures. We advise on the inventory of assets and liabilities, the finalising of the completed inventory documents, and the account representation of the differences identified during the inventory. We also provide consultations on matters such as business trip registration and accounting.

We advise Lithuanian and foreign legal entities and natural persons on tax calculation, declaration, and tax optimisation. We assist our clients in filing tax returns and submitting them to the tax administrator. Our services also include client registration in the register of taxpayers and the register of VAT payers. Consulting can be done on a regular basis or as a onetime occurrence. Consultations are provided in writing and verbally by telephone and email in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, and English.


JSC "Ad ordinem"

Код компании: 302824201

Company code: 50 Linkmenų str., Vilnius

Phone: +370 686 56095

Data about the company is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities in the State Enterprise "Centre of Registers"