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A cookie is a small text file or entry in the database of a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) installed on your computer that is left by a website. Cookies have several purposes such as: to ensure the smooth operation of the website (technical), to collect statistics about website visitors (analytical) and to provide the website visitor with relevant personalized offers of goods or services (marketing).

It is important to note that cookies are not viruses, so cookies do not harm your computer, tablet or phone and the information it contains. Cookies help to identify the device in order to maximize the visitor's positive browsing experience: systematic cookies store selected filters, blank form data, etc. Cookies provide an opportunity to optimize the website design and the layout of information about goods and services in the most convenient way for residents.

Types of cookies used on websites:

Technical cookies. This set of cookies is necessary for the smooth operation of the website. These types of cookies are used to create an account, log in to the website, and process orders. Your consent to our cookie policy is also recorded in a cookie so that you do not have to re-confirm your consent each time you visit the Website.

Functional cookies. This set of cookies is intended to facilitate and speed up your browsing of the website, but they are not necessary for the smooth operation of the website. These cookies store information about the selected language, filters for goods or services, previously viewed goods or services, and at the visitor's request, login data so that you do not have to enter the same settings, login data, etc. every time you visit the website.

Analytical cookies. This set of cookies is intended to analyze website visitors and their behavior in order to better adapt the website to visitors' needs (optimize the website for the devices, goods or services used, present other information in the most convenient form for visitors, improve website design, etc.). These cookies are not necessary for the smooth operation of the website.

Commercial cookies. This set of cookies is intended to provide personalized advertising information depending on the goods or services you view on different websites and the search criteria entered. In other words, you would not see general advertisements, but only advertisements that are relevant to you.

You can find a list of cookies used on this website and their settings in the website's cookie settings.

You can configure your browser to reject, accept, or notify you when a cookie is saved. How to make these settings can be found in the browser's user guide. More information about cookies and how to manage them can be found on this website


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